Tuscany on horseback

Each week from March through to January it is possible to come and spend a holiday at Vallebona, with a riding programme organised according to your needs and ability.

It is possible to ride both in the morning and afternoon, choosing between lessons and one or two hour rides out in the countryside. Lessons and rides are arranged according to the experience and preparation of the riders so that everybody can get the most out of the experience.
Riding programmes can be of 12 or 24 hours a week, but of course you can change the amount at any time during your stay here.

Over one week in Vallebona, according to your experience and aptitude you will learn how to:

Lead a horse by hand
Handle the horse in the stables with confidence (put the headcollar on, groom, tack up)
Mount and dismount unassisted
Develop a good seat on the horse and be able to control it in walk, trot (sitting and rising) and canter
Control the horse out on rides, even on steep mountainous territory
On Fridays we usually organise a full day’s hack (4 – 6 hours in the saddle) with a break for a picnic lunch in a scenic spot or agriturismo according to the weather.