What To Bring – recommended clothing

Climate: Vallebona is 340m above sea level, so is cool on summer evenings, and not too cold in winter.

Riding Hat: A hat is essential for protection from rain and sun. Hard hats are compulsory for under 18’s. If possible, take your own or we can lend you one
Riding Trousers: for the western saddle cow boy jeans are ideal – they are flatly seamed and are particularly long in the leg. Jodhpurs are fine if worn with half chaps.
Long sleeve tops: Lightweight long sleeve tops protect from the sun and from scratches from branches and undergrowth.
Footwear: The correct footwear is important for riding. We use light walking boots, high on the ankle, not too big. Ideally, short boots or gym shoes should be worn with half chaps. We do not recommend riding boots with a smooth sole.
Waterproof jacket
Ear plugs: can be useful in shared accommodation
Warm sweater
Hat: to protect from sun and rain
Swim costume, suncream, sun glasses
Insect repellent: recommended in July, August and September
Ear plugs: can be useful when sharing the room with other people
a first-aid kit accompanies all trips, but you should not forget personal medicines, for example those for allergies.
Sensible underwear: be sensible with underwear – dress for comfort. Torch, penknife
We provide 2 towels – you may need an extra one
Electricity 220 V, you need an European adaptor
And don’t forget to bring your camera
Insurance documents: It’s important to make sure you are insured for all the activities of your riding holiday. Our insurance pays for damages depending on our acknowledged responsibility of the accident. Payment is authorised following a request for damages to be considered by the insurance company. A personal policy is different in that it always pays you out according to your agreed contract. This is what we advise you to do. Be aware that occasionally personal policies exclude dangerous sports such as riding, but by warning the company you can include it.
Payment is made by money order or by credit card or cash
For the weather forecast we consult the following sites: