Horses, horses and more horses

The well-being and sound preparation of our horses is of prime importance to us.
Vallebona has 35 horses of different breeds (Maremma, Quarter horse, Sardinian anglo-arab), all of which have been trained or re-trained following the principles of “natural horsemanship” to guarantee maximum physical and psychological condition and reliability.
Our horses are capable of teaching basic skills to absolute beginners as well as being able to accompany and entertain more advanced riders.
Our horses are not restricted to lonely stables but live altogether outside in the fields, which allows them to remain healthy, both physically and mentally. Their diet is constantly monitored and their work regime adapted individually according to age and condition.
The same attention is given to the relationship between horses and riders, so as to guarantee each guest the best suited workmate, offering also the possibility of using a variety of horses throughout the holiday.