Monte Giovi Trail

The Monte Giovi is a mountain range in the vicinity of Florence, one of the most valued beauty spots in Tuscany.
Monte Giovi is very dear to the Florentines thanks to its extraordinary natural beauty and the historical sources dating from Etruscan and Roman times up until the recent partisan war.
The Monte Giovi – altitude 982 m- is a National Park of 19,000 hectares.


On Saturday, arrival and settling in at Vallebona. On Sunday you start with a lesson in the schooling arena, followed by a hack out in the surrounding countryside. On Monday and Tuesday we take you out on rides in the hills, and come back to Vallebona.
On Wednesday you will set off for the trek, on horseback all day and provided with a packed lunch. The night will be spent in an inn situated in the mountain forests.
Passing through the Chianti vineyards, we follow the River Sieve past the village of Rufina – famous for its wines – and forge the river twice.
We climb to the top of the mountain (982m) range along age-old wooded paths and on reaching the top will be astounded by breath-taking views of the whole of the Chianti valley, the valley of the Arno and of Mugello.

The trek back to Vallebona is a dive into the landscapes and nature of a Tuscany unknown to mass tourism but rich with pleasant surprises such as the villa and chapel of Petroio, a tiny 12th Century hamlet perfectly conserved. On the last day the picnic will be consumed on the banks of a fresh-water lake.

07 September 2019 – 14 September 2019
21 September 2019 – 28 September 2019
Cost: 899,00 Euro in room on division