Our Trekking Programme

Three days in Vallebona and three days trekking. On each of the first three mornings, 2 hours of riding are split between lessons and hacking. Of course you come back to Vallebona at night-time and for lunch and dinner, when our wonderful meals await you. Over these first few days we make sure we find the right horse for you and check your riding ability.

On the Wednesday we leave for the trek, riding all day long and carrying lunch in saddle bags.
Every day you will ride for 5-7 hs, and visit villas and castles, including a visit to cellars for wine-tasting, including a stop for a lunch which is prepared fresh each morning and carried in saddlebags.

The riders sleep in typical, clean and well kept farmhouses, and in the evening enjoy a meal of traditional local dishes. In some of these houses double rooms are available – in others, the rooms are multiple. The horses stay in paddocks or stables close by.
The week’s programme includes 6 hours riding and 3 days trekking. It’s always possible to do more riding if you choose.

This is the general programme for our treks:

Saturday Settling in dinner
Sunday 2 hours riding – lesson and hack
Monday 2 hours riding
Tuesday 2 hours riding
Wednesday trek
Thursday trek
Friday trek
Saturday farewell and departure